Sunday, August 7, 2016


The products produced by the agricultural sector are both important in terms of intermediate goods (input) and finality in the industrial sector. In particular, the food industry is a locomotive sector of the economy in terms of nutrition. Due to the advantage of its special position, many agricultural products can be grown in our country and international trade can be made.

MSN FOOD; Organic agricultural production is of great importance and in this direction we provide all kinds of support to our producers.

At the same time, it is helping our farmers at the point where organic aromatic products and spices (thyme, sage, rosehip, mountain weevil, blackberry) which can be spontaneously grown in nature and can be used in medicine industry can be delivered to consumers.

Walnut is a product consumed both as a nutritional value and as an input in food industry. Due to the increase in demand conditions, walnut, which has high economic value, can be grown in many regions of Turkey. MSN FOOD offers all kinds of technical support to farmers and producers who want to invest in dry fruits and agricultural products such as walnuts.

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