Purpose of MSN Groupe

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Purpose of MSN Groupe

Purpose of MSN Groupe

Due to the fact that high technology is now a part of our lives, the time to handle business is getting shorter. The mega projects have been passed on for a few years and mega constructions completed in months, bringing a growing need for work and staff.

This has made it necessary for our companies to turn to high-tech and high-safety machines.

We, as MSN GROUPE, have come together with our corporate team to meet the needs of our companies and individuals.

We are proud to offer our services to you with our corporate, solution partners who are experts in the field of their own products, as well as other products that are not included in our production network.

Some of the many services that MSN GROUPE provides to its customers are:

- Sale and leasing/renting of all types of machines with high technology and high work security used in construction sector
- Sales of products used in exterior works,
- Sale and leasing of fully secure fixed-mobile scaffolding systems, which allow working at highs on the inside and outside façades,
- Sales and leasing of heavy-load scaffolds with high stability used in the marine petrochemical industry,
- Sale of molds and under mold systems,
- Sales of building materials used in construction,
- Project counseling and project tailored product counseling,
- Product-cost analysis consultancy ...
- Machine R&D consulting service
- Production and sale of organic agricultural products
- R&D consultancy to our producers about organic agriculture

And for more, as MSN GROUPE we are at your side with our corporate team ...

You can call us at 05557176091 to get in touch immediately.