Sunday, August 7, 2016



Nutrients are produced in different tastes that carry the characteristics of that geography in every region of our country. For example, in natural conditions, in spring, the taste of the cheese obtained from the animals fed by eating natural foods will be different. Again, in the regions where we have pine forests, the honey produced and the flavors of honey produced in the gardens will be different.

In fact, every product can be grown in almost every region in Turkey. However, we have many products that have been identified with the locality grown, almost famous (fruits such as figs, grapes, apricots, vegetables such as peas, cabbage, yada rice, corn).

However, it is famous in the region, but because we can not provide the necessary support, we also have products that are produced only at subsistence level (like okra).

It is a matter to be emphasized that further development and dissemination of production by providing the necessary technical and financial support to the producers in order to be able to be produced in the regions where our regional products are detected and best cultivated. As MSN FOOD, we are pleased to offer our producers the necessary support to our producers in order to be able to grow quality and organically in our product area with our expert teams in the field.

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